Other Modalities

Fascial Fitness


Fascia is a multidirectional connective tissue made partially of collagenous fibres which envelopes the body hence supports and gives us our shape. It plays an important role in health, wellbeing and mobility as it transforms mechanical forces throughout the body, communicates to our nervous system  and is a sensory organ. 

Active Fascial Release


AFR combines elements of motor control theory with a neuro-myo-fascial approach to identify, treat and finally re-educate the client’s movement patterns. With hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues this method addresses the body as a whole to create a variety of therapeutic effects.

Integrative Health Coaching & Solution-Focused Brief Coaching


IHC is a process that facilitates healthy sustainable thought and behavioural patterns that leads to healthy outcomes & optimal functioning of the human mind, body & spirit. 

SF aims towards the solution so the coach and client works towards the client’s preferred future. Looking for existing resources that is already contributing to the preferred future and treating clients as experts in all aspects of their lives.