Other modalities I’m certified and utilize in my practice.

Fascial Fitness®

Integrative Health Coaching

Active Fascial Release™


Fascia is a multidirectional connective tissue made partially of collagenous fibres which envelopes the body hence supports and gives us our shape. It plays an important role in health, wellbeing and mobility as it transforms mechanical forces throughout the body, communicates to our nervous system  and is a sensory organ. 

Active Fascial Release™

Integrative Health Coaching

Active Fascial Release™


AFR combines elements of motor control theory with a neuro-myo-fascial approach to identify, treat and finally re-educate the client’s movement patterns. With hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues this method addresses the body as a whole to create a variety of therapeutic effects.

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching

Solution-Focused Brief Coaching


IHC is a process that facilitates healthy sustainable thought and behavioural patterns that leads to healthy outcomes & optimal functioning of the human mind, body & spirit. 

Solution-Focused Brief Coaching

Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage

Solution-Focused Brief Coaching


SF aims towards the solution so the coach and client works towards the client’s preferred future. Looking for existing resources that is already contributing to the preferred future and treating clients as experts in all aspects of their lives. 

Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage

Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage

Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage


Thai massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient and dynamic bodywork therapy in which the practitioner skillfully places the client into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches. The body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. The legs and feet of the practitioner can be used to position the body or limbs of the client. In other positions, hands fix the body, while the feet do the massaging. The client wears loose comfortable clothing and lies on a mat. There’s no use of oils or lotion. 

By restoring the flow of energy through the body, it can increase flexibility, range of motion, athletic performance, mental clarity and energy levels.  Most clients immediately feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced.  The nervous system, blood flow and relaxation response are all stimulated while simultaneously relaxing the mind and body.



Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage

Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage


Our bodies are made out of sensors that have an amazing ability to absorb environmental information all around us. This information travels through our nervous system to the brain, where the information is prioritized, decisions are made and communicated back to the body’s mechanics. So, what happens when there are gaps in these sensory systems and the communication channels are not working efficiently? It can interfere with the bodies ability to react, focus, coordinate, balance and move efficiently. The dominant sensory systems (visual, vestibular and proprioception) work together to help the body move well. Neuro-movement will assess for gaps, apply tools and strategies to strengthen the three sensory input systems and improve your movement. 


Professional Education

2019 Licensed Holistic Practitioner - Thai Massage 

2019  Thai Massage Toronto School -  Thai Practitioner Certification 

2019 National Certified Pilates Teacher

2019 The Health Coach Alliance -  Registered Health Coach 

2019 Nickerson Institute of Integrative Training - Certified Integrative Health Coach

2019 Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching - Haesun Moon - Certified Solution Focused Brief Coach

2018 Anatomy in Motion - Gary Ward - Anatomy in Motion Practitioner

2017  Neuro-Movement  -  Trent McEntire

2017 Lilly Rahmann’s Crystal & Resonance Centre - Lilly Rahmann - Quantum Medicine Level 1

2017 Lilly Rahmann’s Crystal & Resonance Centre - Lilly Rahmann - Quantum Touch Level 2

2016 Active Fascial Release - James Earls

2016 Fascial Fitness - Robert Schliep & Divo Muller - Certified Fascial Fitness Trainer

2016 Anatomy in Motion - Gary Ward - Anatomy in Motion Practitioner

2015 Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers - Movement Immersion with Tom Myers

2015 Anatomy Trains - James Earles - Born To Walk

2014 New Zest 4 Life - Svetlana - Quantum Touch Level 1

2014 Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers - Resilience: Taking The Strain and Coming Back Stronger

2014 Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers - Fascial Release Series: Tensegrity Spine

2014 Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers - Bridging the Gap: Anatomy Trains & Function First

2013 Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers - Body Reading and Touch-cueing for Movement Therapists

2011 Pilates Method Alliance - PMA-CPT (Certified Pilates Teacher)

2010 CanFitPro - Personal Trainer Specialist certificate

2009 Heart 2 Heart - CRP, First Aid Level C (certifies every 3 years from this point forward)

2009 Fletcher Pilates Inc. - Professional Fletcher Pilates Teacher