How It Works and Rates

Before Your Initial Session


Once the appointment is made, to avoid wasting precious assessment time, I will send you an Injury History PDF which I encourage you to  write everything you can remember that hurt or made your body feel bad even if you don't think it has anything to do with the problem that brought you to me. Small things in delicate places and of course big things in small places are tres (very) important. All backgrounds that you can give me will be helpful, even a sprained ankle when you were e.g. 7 years old. 

During Your Initial Session


The bulk of this session is taken up with assessments to create an awareness of your baseline. Static posture, joint motion movements, gait video, PMFS (poor mans foot scan- drawing your foot print on a paper), cohesive thought-process that will generate the most effective movement drills to effect structural changes which we will test before you leave to make sure they've created positive change. Your part in the investigative process is to relax, enjoy the process and then commit to perform the drills at least daily as movement "homework". Only you can do this part of the process, so I invite you to embark on this 'unravelling journey' when you know you feel ready to take control.

We will use your phone to film the movement drills. With the magic in the details, slow and steady, and focus on the intention of the movement, each drill only takes a few minutes. Little and often works better and faster with the brain and body uniting together to create change. 

Following- Up


I often get asked an understandably common question "how many times will I need to come back?" which is an impossible question to answer as I haven't met you yet. What I can say with total transparency is that you and I will both know by the end of the first session if another session is appropriate. Most clients return for a follow-up in 2 weeks or several weeks. If the situation is complex, the client returns in a week, with each return session being separated by increasing the gap to give your body a chance to respond and continue the process. My sessions with you are finite. You and I will know when we are close to completing your journey with me. 



All sessions are 85 minutes.

For the initial session: $130 + HST

For follow-up sessions, a choice of a 

Single session: $130 + HST


Follow-up package of 3 sessions: $381 + HST