Anatomy in Motion™ Live Stream Session


Anatomy in Motion™ Live Stream Session

By offering AiM live stream online, I can continue my support and be of service to your wellbeing. The quality of working online elicits a calm focus. The goal is to guide and empower you to be self reliant. Please read My Approach and The Process.


To make the most out of your AiM session

When booking your appointment, please leave 5 business days to allow for me to ship your wedges. You will be asked to provide images and a gait video prior to your session. All detailed instructions and a guideline for an efficient meeting will  be  provided when your appointment is booked. 


And please

Please add the wedge package and shipping when booking your appointment. For out of province shipping, please provide me with your postal code so we can calculate accurately in the UPS site. Thank  You.  

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Let us begin the investigation and find the root cause of your problem. 

No one can “fix“ another person’s body.

But we can facilitate an experience where you get to learn how to move differently and find balance in how you move. A truly liberating experience!

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