Anatomy in Motion™ Movement Facilitator
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A curious environment where facilitating choices for movement are 

encouraged to reconnect your mind body unity to heal itself

AiM Practitioner

What I Do

AiM  involves a  full body analysis of static holding patterns (i.e. posture) as well as available joint motions and preference where you are an active participant. This assessment includes the 33 joints in each foot - a quarter of all the joints in your body are in your feet! The joints in your feet have a huge impact all the way up the chain to your knees, hips, pelvis, back, shoulders, neck and jaw.  

I am interested in allowing the body to experience ease and fluidity of movement through an efficient movement process. I'll guide you through some movement exploration to help your brain and body recognize and restore what were once accessible to your body. The possibilities of this disconnect might be because of pain, as a result of compensations from injuries, falls, broken bones you've experienced in the past, or your present movement habits and strategies. 

Through this approach  we will allow the body to recalibrate its new perception of where centre is. Integrating lost movements back into your system in a way that the nervous system will recognize as "new" but different and safe. 

Your solution will help your body create better alignment, freedom of motion, better range of motion and enhance the quality of your life and physical performance.

My Approach to Movement

I believe that the body is the only one who can heal itself. So before booking with me, I would like to set expectations and be transparent with you. I’m not here to “fix” you or get rid of your symptoms. Rather, we together work as an interactive team to figure out how you can help yourself. As a team, with your willingness to gain ownership of your body and take responsibility for your movements- expect some homework. I'm here to assist you and your body to focus on optimal movements and reduce imbalances so your journey for healing can begin. By creating an environment to improve freedom of motion in all joints, you will create a resilient springboard from which you can develop more strength, power, flexibility and empower performance.

The focus of my practice is self-care via knowledge and awareness. I am willing to put time and energy into investigating your solution as long as you are willing too. 

There are exploratory movements involved, some hands-on work with joint mobilization, fascial release or fascial stretch might be necessary to gain entry into your nervous system. 


If you are looking for a more passive healing experience, I am happy to refer you to one of many wonderful local practitioners who practice massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. I encourage you to practice whatever form of self-care you need at any given time - sometimes self-care means being pampered by someone else.

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Appointments are 85 minutes in length. 

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